Minor Hockey Executive - 2018/2019

President: Jordan Polasek
Email: j_polasek@hotmail.com

Past President: Ian Dyck
Email: iand@mymts.net

Vice President: Jay Fryer
Email: jayfryer@hotmail.com

Mark LeBoutillier
​Email: mark.leboutillier@gmail.com​

Karra Knol
Email: karra_arrak2@hotmail.com

Equipment Manager / Booth Rep: Ken Friesen
Email: kdf1@mts.net

Registrar and Website: Brianna Renwick
Email: brianna.renwick@mymts.net

Referee In Chief: Colin Knox
Email: cjknox@mymts.net

Development Coordinator:  Jamie Smart
Email: smarty@mymts.net 

Updated: March 1, 2019
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