Carberry Minor Hockey
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Updated: June 1, 2018

Parent Respect in Sport Completion:
1. Click on the link
3. Create a Hockey Manitoba Parent User Account “register a new user”
4. Set up your info, then register your children
5. Once children have been added you will be asked for a pre-registration code. Our organization does not have one.
6. Purchase your Parent RIS program ($12.60)
7. Go back to RIS
8. Click My Access Groups
9. Choose Parent Program Content
10. Begin your Modules
11. Complete Survey
12. Print Certificate

Account Creation:
1. Follow this link
2. You will be brought to the login screen. You, as the parent, will need to create an account to register members in our association. This account is a "family" account; you only need ONE account to register as many family members as you wish in any association.
3. Choose “click here to create an account” in the top left corner to get started
4. Once in the Account Creation page, read steps 1, 2 and 3 to proceed
5. The next step is to provide some account information. This includes name, address, and contact information. This is the personal information of the account-holder. This is not a member/participant preregistration screen.


Once the account is created, you will be brought to the main home page where you can see your shopping cart and previous registrations, access account options and register a participant.

Member Registration:
If not already logged in, do so at
1. Click on “Register a Participant”
2. Enter player info, Click “Register” OR choose from previous registrations
3. Choose a participant name at the bottom of the screen and click “Register Now”
4. Choose the type of registration (Participants)
5. Select Division (only the age category of your child will be shown as an option)
6. Select your package ie: Squirts Registration
7. Fill in info below. All boxes with * are mandatory. Others are optional. Add as much info as you would like CMHA to have. Edit or update any necessary information.  
Note: You will have to choose a Player Position. That is a global setting for all packages in the Hockey Canada database. Don’t get hung up on that. It doesn’t mean anything, so just choose one.
**New members will be asked to complete a Questionnaire where they will supply birth certificate information.  ​Click Next.  

8. Agree to the CMHA Waiver/Code of Conduct
9. Agree to the Hockey Canada Waiver
10. Choose any additional options in Fees (season passes)
11. Click Review
12. Choose either ‘Checkout” or “Add to cart” to register a second participant
Note: Participants are not registered until the user goes through the checkout process successfully.
13. Choose “Cheque” for Cheque payments or “Other” for Cash payments
15. Print your receipt.
16. Logout.

A copy of your receipt will also be emailed to the address you provided. Please retain this receipt for income tax purposes. Additional receipts will not be provided to you by CMHA.

You can access your Parent RIS certificate by signing back into your account.

CMHA Online Registration is now
​OPEN for the 2018 - 2019 Season